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کواد کوپتر DJI Phantom 2 Vision

کواد کوپتر حرفه ای فانتوم 2 ویژن
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  1. -Lightweight, multi-functional integrated aircraft and camera
  2. -Camera remote-control by DJI VISION APP
  3. -Range Extender increases Wi-Fi distance to 300m
  4. -Anti-vibration camera platform with single axis stabilisation
  5. -Low-voltage protection
  6. -Virtual Radar aircraft locator on mobile device
  7. -Range of camera tilt options
  8. -Multiple, continuous and timed capture options
  9. -HD Video Recording (1080/p30 or 1080/60i)
  10. -RAW and JPEG picture formats


Battery 5200mAh LiPo
Weight (Battery & Propellers included) 1160g
Hover Accuracy (Ready to Fly) Vertical: 0.8m; Horizontal: 2.5m
Max Yaw Angular Velocity 200°/s
Max Tilt Angle 35°
Max Ascent / Descent Speed Ascent: 6m/s; Descent: 2m/s
Max Flight Speed 15m/s (Not Recommended)
Diagonal Length 350mm
Tilting Range of Gimbal 0°-60°


Resolution 14 Megapixels
FOV 120°/ 110°/ 85°
Sensor size 1/2.3"
  • Support of multi-capture, continuous capture and timed capture
  • Support of HD Recording (1080/p30 or 1080/60i)
  • Supports of both RAW and JPEG picture format


Operating Frequency 5.728GHz-5.8GHz
Communication Distance (open area) CE: 300m; FCC: 500m
Receiver Sensitivity (1%PER) -93dBm
Transmitter Power CE: 25mw; FCC: 125mw
Working Voltage 80 mA@6V
Battery 4 AA Batteries


Operating Frequency 2412-2462MHz
Communication Distance (open area) 300m
Transmitter Power <=17dBm
Power Consumption 1.5W


System Requirement Of Mobile Device iOS version 6.1 or above/ Android system version 4.0 or above
Mobile Device Support
  • iOS recommended: iPhone 4s, iPhone 5, iPhone 5s, iPhone 6, iPhone 6 Plus, iPod touch 5 (available but not recommended: iPad 3, iPad 4, iPad mini)
  • Android recommended: Samsung Galaxy S3, S4, Note 2, Note 3 or phones of similar configuration
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